Round 15 Harley-Davidson Springfield Mile II - Starting Lineup

Harley-Davidson Springfield Mile II - Flat Track Vintage Main Combined (6 Laps)

  • September 03, 2017
  • Illinois State Fairgrounds
  • Springfield, IL

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1 27 Roy Taboada II Harley-Davidson KR SDI Insulation, Steve Delorenzi
2 20 George Wills Harley-Davidson WR Chuck's Harley-Davidson,Coating Specialties,Wheels thru Time,DPC Racing
3 19 Bob Wills Harley-Davidson KR Chuck's Harley-Davidson,DPC Racing,Wheels Thru Time,Coating Specialties,Dad
4 6 Gerald Chism Harley-Davidson WR Max Leathers,Anchors Storage,The Other Plumber Stockton MO,The Octane Shop
5 28 Gene Atherton Triumph T-500 Ron Atherton Racing,Ron's Cycle Center,Hamlins Cycle Center
6 93 Dennis Clark Harley-Davidson WR Chuck Ford Racing,Carl Patrick
7 81 Ron Atherton Triumph T-100 Ron's Cycle Center,Hamlins Motorcyle Center
8 53 Bruce Artetsinger Indian 648,Whole Works Machine & Cycle
9 16 Chris Clark Harley-Davidson KR Chuck Ford Racing,Dad #93
10 39 Craig Breckon Harley-Davidson WR Faber Cycle Greenville, MI,Tom & Lori Faber,E&V Engineering Howard City,MI
11 52 Ronnie Rall Harley-Davidson KR Aaron Schroeder,Whole Works Machine and Cycle
12 60 John Tibben Harley-Davidson KR Chicago Harley-Davidson,H-D Factory,H-D Dealers