Entry List – Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys at Texas HM presented by Dallas Honda

American Flat Track
Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys at Texas HM presented by Dallas Honda
Texas Motor Speedway – Fort Worth, TX
April 28, 2018
AFT Twins presented by Vance & Hines
Total entries: 33
# Rider Bike Sponsors
1 Jared Mees Indian Scout FTR750 Indian Motorcycle, Rogers Racing, SDI, Hernleys Indian, Motul, Alpinestars, National Cycle, Bell, Monster Energy, S&S Cycle, Montgomeryville Cycle Center, Cycle Gear.RK Chains, Drag Specialites, Parts Unlimted, RIP Mike Andress, Millennium Tech, Cometic Gasket, Evans, Universal Coating, Champion Power Equipment, Mustang, Kuryakyn, Red Torpedo, NGK, Motion Pro, Race Tech Reklus
2 Kenny Coolbeth, Jr. Indian Scout FTR750 Nila Racing, Columbia Avionics, Bell, TCX Boots, Vanson Leathers, Rod Lake, Indian Motorcycle Racing, Jack Sisimore, DC, Strictly Dirt, Cometic, WC, SBS Brakes, Rekluse, Dick Ford, Wiseco, Dragon, Pro Plates, Spectro Oils, Elkhart Indian
4 Bryan Smith Indian Scout FTR750 Indian Motorcycle, AllState Motorcycle Insurance, Shoei, Rockstar, Indian Motorcycle Oil, Fly, WPS, Dainese, T&T, Everett Global, Shimano, Crosley, S&S Cycle
5 Jake Johnson Yamaha FZ-07 Estenson Racing, McCandless Truck Center, Utility, Velocity, Motion Pro, Arai, NJK, Sidi, Lightshoe, Five Gloves, The Service Pavilion, Spy, 365 Official, Barrett, Beringer Brakes, Cometic
6 Brad Baker Indian Scout FTR750 Indian Motorcycle, Allstate Motorcycle Insurance, S&S Cycle, Indian Motorcycle Oil, Dainese, AGV, TCX Boots, Husky Portable Containment, Lightshoe, WPS, Harddrive, Motion Pro, Mika Metals
10 Johnny Lewis Indian Scout FTR750 RMR Racing, KE Motorsports, Certified Plumbing, Tony Westbrook, Arai Helmets, NJK Leathers, TCX Boots, Lightshoe
12 Jay Maloney Indian Scout FTR750 Indian Motorcycle of Springfield, JMC, Avila Racing, Level 10, Motion Pro, Berringen, Ed Hanes, Spectro, Evans, Factory Connection, Saddlemen, Ben Evans, CP, , XIIR, Supertrapp, Vortex, Russell
14 Briar Bauman Kawasaki Ninja 650 Zanotti Racing, Western Powersports, Hard Drive, Rod Lake Racing, Drew-Massa Transportation, BWR, Steve Dance, Arai, TCX Boots, RASE, Impact Armor, SBS, Evans, Barnett, Works Connection, Motion Pro, Spectro Oils, Spider Grips, Cometic Gaskets, EBC, Webcam
17 Henry Wiles Indian Scout FTR750 Wilco Racing, Willy Built, Bandit Industries, Mad Dog Racing, Wilson Industries, Lakeside Motorsports, J&M Logging, J&J Racing, Talent Hitch, Web Camshafts, Bell, Tim Trowbridge & Son Homebuilders, Nick Nazzisi, Security Screen Masters, JE Pistons, New Era Caps, Boughner Racing Suspension, Sidi Boots, DPC Racing, Schillers Tree Service, Gene & Gail Cummings, Rick's Drywall
20 Jarod Vanderkooi Harley-Davidson XR750 Harley Davidson Motor Company, Vance & Hines, Arai Helmets, Bates Leathers
22 James Monaco Kawasaki Ninja 650 Sammy O Racing, Rod LakeAlyta MotorsPJ1 Oils, Motion Pro, Arai Helmets, Intents Racing, Motion Pro
23 Jeffrey Carver Jr. Harley-Davidson XR750 Roof-Systems, Indian of Metro Milwaukee, Happy Trails, Ben Evan’s Racing, Royal Enfield, Lyndall Brakes, Race Tech, Mack Daddy Racing, Cometic, Zane Amaro Farms, Rekluse, Pro Plates, Motion Pro, Arai, Vanson Leathers, Light Shoe, Bill Built, S&S Cycles, Sidi, Jeff Lowery, Forever Two Wheels Co, Goodwin Racing, Woody Kyle Racing, Sideburn, Carver’s BBQ, Saddlemen, Goon Glass
24 J.R. Addison Kawasaki Ninja 650 Flying G Speed Shop, Tony Westbrook, Smith Racing, J&F Construction, ABC Interiors, WPS, FLY, Moto Option, Bell Helmets, Cycle Tech, RASE, Ray C's, Century Helicopters, Motion Pro, K&N Filters, Cometic, Evans Coolant, Pro Plates, Goon Glass, Boughner Racing, West Coast Hot Shoes, Works Connection, Spectro Performance Oils
27 Robert Pearson Indian Scout FTR750 R/J Performance, Hite Trucking, Country Saloon, Glen's Autobody, Peoria Motorcycle Club, R&R Racing, Clipper Industries, Rig Dog, Indian Motorcycles of Wapello Co., Gary 'O', Royal Publishing, Grandprix Speedworks, Federal Trucking, Joe Baggott Racing, Shoei, WKR, Wiseco, Lightshoe, Pro Plates, Motion Pro, K&N, Paint by Smokey, Heroic Leathers, Fontana Radiator, Webcam, Saddlem
37 Bronson Bauman Kawasaki Ninja 650 Bill Werner Racing, Kibblewhite, Wossner Pistons, Super Trapp Fluidyne Powersports, Glen's Autobody, Millenium, Motul Oil, D.C. Inc., Cometic Gaskets, Shorai Battery, Rod Lake, Motion Pro, Saddlemen, K&N Filters, NGK, Works Connection, Webcam, Evans Coolant, JRI, RK Chains, Dynajet, Arai
44 Brandon Robinson Harley-Davidson XG750R Harley Davidson Motor Company, Vance & Hines, Arai Helmets, Bates Leathers
49 Chad Cose Indian Scout FTR750 Indian Motorcycle of Oklahoma City, Englehart Research & Technology, Otton Racing, Rod Lake, Williamsport Honda, G&G Racing, RASE, Bell Helmets, RX Bar, Spectro Oils, Motion Pro, TCX Boots, Works Connectionm, Access Media Labs, Pro Plates, NJK Leathers, Evans Coolant, Wes
54 Mikey Rush Yamaha FZ-07 G&G Racing, Machete Energy, Rocket Red Racing, 6D Helmets, Southland Fabrications, Race Tech, Motion Pro, West Coast Hot Shoes, Chisum Racing, Xbrand Googles, Rod Lake Racing, Ron Brown
55 Jake Shoemaker Kawasaki Ninja 650 Roy Built, A Vietri, Kawasaki USA, TCX Boots, Arai Helmets, Motion Pro, Shorai Batteries Wiseco Pistons, Nick’s Precision Machine, Web Cams, Cometic Gaskets, Penske Suspension, Saddleman Seats, Lightshoe, Evans Coolant, Regina Chains, Fusion, NJK Leathers, 100 % Goggles, Vortex
64 Danny Eslick Harley-Davidson XR750 BriggsAuto.com, Evel Knievel Museum, R&D Machine
66 Jeffery Lowery Kawasaki Ninja 650 Gray Hogs, Wimers Cycle, Ben Evans, Wiseco, SuperTrapp, Arai, Cometic, FPS Racing, Motion Pro, NGK, Dynajet, Randy Taylor
67 Davis Fisher Kawasaki Ninja 650 Bob Lanphere, Beaverton Motorycles, Parkinson Brothers Racing, Dick Wall 60, Celorie Bros., Savage Customs, NWI, Allied Motors, Team95, The Fox, Nicky Hayden, Schenk Racing, Walrath Racing, See See Motorcycles, Motion Pro, Arai, Mechanix, RaceTech, Fox Racing, Pro1 Industries, Saddlemen, Works Connection, Billbuilt, Alpinestar, Weiss Racing, Nolan Hermens
68 Ryan Varnes Harley-Davidson XR750 Dick Ford, Brian Willis Xylan Coatings, Raush Fuel Oil, Myers Motorsports, Myers Trucking, Risbon Excavating, Five Gloves, Arai, Motorex, Evans, The Service Pavilion, Motion Pro, Ink's Matco Tools, Myers Transport Services, Ritchie Reynolds, Fredericktown Yamaha, Scott's Powersports, Big A Customs, Paint By Smokey, McGran Racing, LT Graphics, Tim Stencil, B&B Trading, Regina
69 Sammy Halbert Harley-Davidson XG750R Harley Davidson Motor Company, Vance & Hines, 6D Helmets, Bates Leathers
73 Doug Lawrence Harley-Davidson XR750 American HD, Town Moto, John Briggs Motorsports, CVC Agency, Arai, Full Bore, Sidi Boots, Motion Pro, Spectro, Tsubaki, West Coast Hot Shoes, 26 Suspension, Maxem Tire Warmers
80 Stevie Bonsey Harley-Davidson XR750 Dillard Family Racing, Lloyd Brothers, Ducati, Daniel Kalal, Motion Pro, Alpinestars, 6D Helmets, CR Motorsports, Ducshop, fuller Moto, M4 Exhaust, Desmo Pro, AJK Racing
98 Kayl Kolkman Yamaha FZ-07 Kolkman Racing, Stamped Concrete Design, Rudy Bro's, Southland Fabrication, Rod Lake, Underground Bike Works, B&L Plumbing, Race Tech, Andrews Powder Coating, Sweeney FX, G&G, KSV, 6D, Josh Chisum Racing, Barnett, Jett Tuning, Blu Crew, Beringer Brakes, Web Cam, Fontana Rad
102 Gary Ketchum Kawasaki Ninja 650 Richard Harrison, House of Kawasaki, Thurl & Kay Ketchum, Tim & Vicki Cartwright, Eileen Catron, BriggsAuto.com, Cycle Gear, Ronnie Jones, K&N Racing, Tommy Palmer, Speedsport Leather Works, Shaggy's Powersports
111 Shane Fox Harley-Davidson XR750 Tilley Harley-Davidson, 6 Speed Performance, After Hours Garage, Stone by Mitchell, SEMDTRA.org
122 Parker Norris Kawasaki Ninja 650 Digitrace, Babbitts, Motion Pro, Team G, Mister T's HotRod Coatings, Geesers Gone Wild, Axo, Bell, RASE, Spectro Oils, Tri R Distributing
135 Dalton Winkler Kawasaki Ninja 650 Van Leeuween Distributing, Suomy Helmets, Fredericktown Yamaha
181 Bret Sowders Kawasaki Ninja 650 Adams Racing, 4-Star Trailers, Team Sowders, OS Barn Graphics, Team Mediocre
280 Michael Bickerton Kawasaki Ninja 650 Southard Ent.RRCF, Royce Taylor, Edward Farms, DCT Precision, Hardy Racing, Itchibon Isotropic Finishing, Vortex, RLM Distribution, The X Brand, Shorai, DT-1, Mika Metals, Risk Racing LLC, Neil Auto Glass, Worx Gloves, Mobius Braces, Flow Vision, Fuel Clothing