Dalton Gauthier: “Three in a row is pretty legit.”

Dalton Gauthier came into 2017 like most racers and with his eye on the championship. Although he was the favorite going into the new season he still had to fight his way to the top in Daytona. Since the opener however Gauthier has annihilated the competition to take three-straight wins in the American Flat Track AFT Singles class. It’s a big statement. And as they say, success breeds confidence.

We had a short chat with Gauthier after the Charlotte Half-Mile to talk about his latest triumph and where he stands in the series. 

How does it feel? Three in a row to start 2017?

Three in a row is pretty legit, I would say. Once again, like last weekend, my bike was working really good. My dad had it working really well since the beginning of the day. And just like last weekend, I wanted to do the same thing. I was really, really trying to go for the three in a row and had been thinking about it all week. I knew it would be really cool and special. Winning the first three is really good points-wise and confidence-wise. I think coming to Arizona Mile we should have some pretty good bikes. I’m really stoked on how everything went tonight. I think we got some bikes that everyone’s chasing. Pretty stoked about that. I can’t thank all my team enough.

It’s another perfect night for you again?

Yeah, I won everything. Pretty special, actually.

Can anyone beat you?

No, not yet. We’ll see. Daytona wasn’t too good heat race-wise. We had some bike troubles and stuff but we got it all figured out. It’s good to have a month’s break as we still got some bugs to work out I think. We’re not at our best right now. I think we’re going to just keep getting better as the season gets on.