Sammy Halbert talks trading two wheels for four

This weekend Sammy Halbert traded two wheels for four at the inaugural Yamaha R1DT Invitational at Perris Auto Speedway. Halbert represented American Flat Track to compete against an all-star lineup of car racers and Yamaha riders. We caught up with Halbert to talk about the experience of his debut car race.

So how did it go?

It was my first car race, so I really wanted to do well and finish the main event with no issues. Unfortunately, we had a mechanical in the heat race, and despite the best efforts of my crew we couldn’t get it fixed in time for the main event.

How was the switch to four wheels?

Switching to four wheels was a lot to take in, especially at first. Getting used to being strapped into a car was different, but I started to get used to it as the day weekend wore on. 

Does your dirt track knowledge help at all?

I felt like my flat track racing experience was helpful in reading the track and line choice. It would’ve been interesting to see how I could have done in the 20-lap Main event, but that’s the way racing goes sometimes.

In spite of the DNF, did you enjoy it?

All in all I enjoyed the experience. The practice day was great, and being involved in a rolling start car race in front of a packed grandstand was pretty neat.