2018 American Flat Track Contingency Awards & Year-end Point Fund

Each season, partners of American Flat Track have per-event contingency payouts and year-end point funds for various classes. The following partners have posted awards or contingency for the the 2018 season:

Sunoco Go The Distance Award

This award will be presented to the riders that complete the furthest distance in their respective classes.

OKC Mile:

AFT Twins:
Rider Name
Total Laps Complete
Total Miles Ridden
Henry Wiles
956 674
Chad Cose
932 662
Jared Mees
Sammy Halbert
928 647
Davis Fisher 875 633

AFT Singles:
Rider Name
Total Laps Complete
Total Miles Ridden
Dan Bromley
729 511
Oliver Brindly
698 496
Ryan Wells
710 492
Kolby Carlile
691 483.64
Jesse Janisch
670 483.62

Dunlop Contingency Award

Dunlop has posted contingency for both the twin- and single-cylinder races that will go to first - fifth place finishers.

Meadowlands Mile

AFT Twins:
  1. Bryan Smith
  2. Jared Mees
  3. Jeffrey Carver Jr.
  4. Briar Bauman
  5. Henry Wiles

AFT Singles:
  1. Shayna Texter
  2. Kolby Carlile
  3. Dan Bromley
  4. Ryan Wells
  5. Tanner Dean

Thom Duma Fine Jewelers Commemorative Ring Awards

The 2018 AFT Twins and AFT Singles champions will be awarded a custom, one-of-a-kind commemorative ring.

TCX Boots Contingency Award

Meadowlands Mile:

AFT Singles:
  • Kolby Carlile
  • Dan Bromley
  • Ryan Wells

Ohlins Fastest Lap Award

This $500 award goes to the AFT Twins rider who turns the fastest lap of each main event in the 2018 season.
  • Atlanta Short Track - Jared Mees
  • Texas Half-Mile -Jared Mees
  • Calistoga Half-Mile - Jared Mees
  • Arizona Mile - Jared Mees
  • Sacramento Mile - Davis Fisher
  • Springfield Mile - Davis Fisher
  • Red Mile - Jared Mees
  • OKC Mile - Jared Mees
  • Lima Half-Mile -Jared Mees
  • New York Short Track - Jared Mees
  • Buffalo Chip TT - Jake Johnson
  • Black Hills Half-Mile - Jared Mees
  • Peoria TT - Henry Wiles
  • Springfield Mile II - Bryan Smith
  • Williams Grove Half-Mile - Briar Bauman
  • Minnesota Mile - Jared Mees
  • Meadowlands Mile - Bryan Smith

Motul Move of the Race Award

This award is given to the rider who makes the best move during each main event.

AFT Singles:
  • Atlanta Short Track - Morgen Mischler
  • Texas Half-Mile - Shayna Texter
  • Calistoga Half-Mile - Brandon Price
  • Arizona Mile - Brandon Price
  • Sacramento Mile - Kolby Carlile
  • Springfield TT - Dan Bromley
  • Red Mile - Kevin Stollings
  • OKC Mile - Shayna Texter
  • Lima Half-Mile - Shayna Texter
  • New York Short Track - Tanner Dean
  • Buffalo Chip TT - Ryan Sipes
  • Black Hills Half-Mile - Shayna Texter
  • Peoria TT - Jesse Janisch
  • Springfield ST - Dan Bromley
  • Williams Grove Half-Mile - Tanner Dean
  • Minnesota Mile - Kolby Carlile
  • Meadowlands Mile - Shayna Texter

2018 Mustang Seats Rookie of the Year

The year-end award will go to the eligible rookie rider who earns the most points in the AFT Twins Class.

AFT Twins Rookie:

    1. Hayden Gillim

2018 West Side Truck Parts Rising Star 

The year-end award will go to the eligible rookie rider who earns the most points in the AFT Singles Class.

AFT Singles Rookie:
  1. #181 Max Whale (90 Points)

Arai Helmet Contingency Award

Meadowlands Mile:

AFT Twins:
  • Jeffrey Carver, Jr.
AFT Singles:
  • Shayna Texter
  • Kolby Carlile

Kawasaki Contingency Award

Meadowlands Mile:
  • Max Whale

Yamaha Contingency Award

Meadowlands Mile:
  • Kolby Carlile

Honda Contingency Award

Meadowlands Mile:
  • Ryan Wells
  • Kevin Stollings
  • Blake Lomas

Husqvarna Contingency Award

Meadowlands Mile:
  • Shayna Texter

KTM Contingency Award

Meadowlands Mile:
  • Dan Bromley
  • Tanner Dean