Progressive AFT Livestream & Facebook Paid Online Events FAQ

Livestreaming Links for Progressive American Flat Track Paid Online Events

1. Will there still be free livestreaming on Facebook Live?

 Yes, until the start of Opening Ceremonies. Livestreaming coverage on Progressive AFT’s Facebook page and YouTube will be free of charge up until Opening Ceremonies, allowing fans around the world to watch the drama unfold during Practice and Qualifying at no cost

2. What AFT content is included with Facebook Livestream Paid Online Events?

Fans can purchase access to watch Opening Ceremonies, Semis, Main Events and podium celebrations via Facebook Paid Online Events for $3.99 if purchased 24 hours or more in advance, or $4.99 if purchased on the day of the event.

3. Can I watch the livestream on my TV?

Yes, fans can watch the Facebook livestream and Paid Online Events on Smart TV’s.

4. How do I purchase access to watch Progressive AFT with Facebook Paid Online Events?

To access/purchase paid online events visit Progressive AFT’s Facebook page and go to the Events tab.

  • Select the Progressive AFT you would like to purchase access for.
  • Tap “Get Access” within the event.
  • Then, select the blue “Purchase Access” button on the pop up and follow the prompts to make a purchase.

5. How do I access the livestream on Facebook after I purchase access?

When you purchase access, you're marked as Going to this event. You'll receive three reminder notifications on Facebook:

  • Your first notification will occur the day before the live event.
  • The second notification will occur an hour before the live event begins.
  • The third notification will occur as the event goes live

6. How can I watch the Facebook livestream?

Fans can access the livestream directly on the Facebook event page through the Facebook app on their mobile phone or via Facebook on a desktop computer and will be notified when the event is live. Fans can also stream events on their TV or other connected devices using the Facebook Watch App. Specifically in the TV app, users who have purchased access and are logged in to the Facebook Watch TV app should see the stream on the home screen within the TV app itself once the event is live, or by searching for and navigating to the partner’s page within the app.

Additional information on the Facebook Watch app: 

7. Does a fan have to log in with a cable TV package to use Facebook Watch?

No. Facebook Paid Online Events does not require a cable TV package.

8. What is the cost to purchase access to Progressive AFT’s Facebook Paid Online Events?
Fan can purchase access to Paid Online Events for $3.99 if purchased 24 hours or more in advance, or $4.99 if purchased on the day of the event.

9. Can a fan purchase a livestream on a race-by-race basis?

Yes. Fans must purchase tickets on a race-by-race basis. Currently, there is no annual or season pass available.

10. What is Facebook Paid Online Events Refund Policy?

If Progressive AFT cancels the paid online event before it begins, guests who purchased admission will receive an automatic refund.

Guests who purchase admission to a paid online event can request a refund for any reason up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the event, or if the host of the paid online event reschedules the event before it begins.

  • More information on Facebook Paid Online Events refunds
  • If you purchased your paid online event using Facebook Pay, reach out to Facebook to request your refund. If you purchased your paid online event through Apple or Google Play and need a refund, please visit the Google Play or Apple Store to initiate a refund.

11. Who can I get in touch with someone if I have more questions?

You can reach out to us at