Media Credential Application

American Flat Track Media Credentials are only available to professional journalists, photographers and videographers over the age of 18. Media Credentials will not be issued to marketing or commercial representatives of media, advertising or public relations agencies, sponsors, suppliers, teams or additional riders.
All Events
DAYTONA TT (Mar-14-2019)
Atlanta Short Track (Mar-23-2019)
Texas Half-Mile (Apr-20-2019)
Wild Horse TT (Apr-27-2019)
So-Cal Half-Mile (May-11-2019)
Sacramento Mile (May-18-2019)
Springfield Mile I (May-26-2019)
Red Mile (Jun-01-2019)
Laconia Short Track (Jun-15-2019)
Lima Half-Mile (Jun-29-2019)
New York Short Track (Jul-13-2019)
Buffalo Chip TT (Aug-04-2019)
Black Hills Half-Mile (Aug-06-2019)
Peoria TT (Aug-17-2019)
Springfield Mile II (Sep-01-2019)
Williams Grove Half-Mile (Sep-07-2019)
Minnesota Mile (Sep-21-2019)
Meadowlands Mile (Sep-28-2019)