Starting Lineup – Volusia Half-Mile Finale II

Progressive American Flat Track
Volusia Half-Mile Finale II
Royal Enfield Build. Train. Race. Main Event (8 Laps)
Volusia Speedway Park – DeLeon Springs, FL
October 15, 2022
1 33 Jaycee Jones Royal Enfield Royal Enfield, S&S Cycle, Dunlop, Maxima, Arai, Parts Unlimited, Rosa Plates, High Desert Home Solutions, One Cure, RASE, Ryno Power, Johnson Engineering
2 31 Jillian Deschenes Royal Enfield Royal Enfield, Moon Motorsports, Saddlemen, Jacks of Spade, Arai, O Herie, & Fallon Racing, Plugs Garage, Sena, Della Crew, Lightshoe, Maxima, S&S Cycle, Parts Unlimited
3 8 Zaria Martens Royal Enfield Royal Enfield, Parts Unlimited, Fuel Cafe, S&S Cycle, Rekluse, Lowery Racing, Ohlins, RASE, AGV, Dunlop, Boxo Tools, Black Market Ink, Milkhaus Speed Research, Cathy Drexler, Wade Mueller
4 57 Stephanie Pietz Royal Enfield
5 81 Makenna Hiatt Royal Enfield
6 2 Alex Bumpus McDonald Royal Enfield Royal Enfield, Bumpus H-D, Parts Unlimited, AGV, Alpinestar, Arai, S&S Cycles, Dunlop, Moose Racing, Boxo, Maxima, Della Crew Co., Durell Racing, Phoenix Handles Bars, Russ Wernimont Designs, Denizen Designs, Norse Cycles
7 46 Kaiela Hobart Royal Enfield
8 909 Erin Ferris Royal Enfield Royal Enfield N.A., Dunlop, S&S Cycles, Maxima, Arai, Parts Unlimited, Paulson's Motorsports, Moose Racing, Boxo, ODI, Disport USA
9 800 Anna Serena Royal Enfield S&S Cycles, Parts Unlimited, Maxima, Dunlop, AGV Sport, Arai, Moose Racing, Boxo, Longevity Racing, Miami Palmist, Long's Motorcycle Sales
10 27 Nean Kiskela Royal Enfield Royal Enfield, S&S Cycles, Dunlop, Maxima, Parts Unlimited, Moose Racing, Boxo, Glass from the Past, New Church Moto, Synergy Motorworks
11 327 Gabrielle Hughes Royal Enfield Royal Enfield, Lowery Racing, Parts Unlimited, Alpinestar, Moose Racing, Arai, S&S Cycles, Dunlop, Maxima, AGV Sports
12 15 Mia Reese Royal Enfield
13 7 Moriah Hummer Royal Enfield