Starting Lineup – I-70 Half-Mile presented by Indian Motorcycle Kansas City

Progressive American Flat Track
I-70 Half-Mile presented by Indian Motorcycle Kansas City
Royal Enfield Build. Train. Race. Main Event (10 Minutes + 0 Laps)
I-70 Motorsports Park – Odessa, MO
April 23, 2022
1 33 Jaycee Jones Royal Enfield Royal Enfield, S&S Cycle, Dunlop, Maxima, Arai, Parts Unlimited, Rosa Plates, High Desert Home Solutions, One Cure, RASE, Ryno Power, Johnson Engineering
2 31 Jillian Deschenes Royal Enfield Royal Enfield, Moon Motorsports, Saddlemen, Jacks of Spade, Arai, O Herie, & Fallon Racing, Plugs Garage, Sena, Della Crew, Lightshoe, Maxima, S&S Cycle, Parts Unlimited
3 8 Zaria Martens Royal Enfield Royal Enfield, Parts Unlimited, Fuel Cafe, S&S Cycle, Rekluse, Lowery Racing, Ohlins, RASE, AGV, Dunlop, Boxo Tools, Black Market Ink, Milkhaus Speed Research, Cathy Drexler, Wade Mueller
4 88 Lanakila MacNaughton Royal Enfield Royal Enfield, S7S Cycles, Dunlop, Maxima, Arai, Parts Unlimited, Moose Racing, Boxo
5 6 Malary Lee Royal Enfield Allied Racing, VonHertell Suspension, Synergy Motorworks, S&S Cycles, Bell, Lowery Racing, Dynojet, Saddlemen, Durelle, Maxima, Flat Track Coffee, Johnson Engineering, Fasthouse, Austin Speed Shop, Atwyld, Royal Enfield, Parts Unlimited, Boxo
6 81 Makenna Hiatt Royal Enfield
7 57 Stephanie Pietz Royal Enfield
8 909 Erin Ferris Royal Enfield Royal Enfield N.A., Dunlop, S&S Cycles, Maxima, Arai, Parts Unlimited, Paulson's Motorsports, Moose Racing, Boxo, ODI, Disport USA
9 800 Anna Serena Royal Enfield S&S Cycles, Parts Unlimited, Maxima, Dunlop, AGV Sport, Arai, Moose Racing, Boxo, Longevity Racing, Miami Palmist, Long's Motorcycle Sales
10 2 Alex Bumpus McDonald Royal Enfield Royal Enfield, Bumpus H-D, Parts Unlimited, AGV, Alpinestar, Arai, S&S Cycles, Dunlop, Moose Racing, Boxo, Maxima, Della Crew Co., Durell Racing, Phoenix Handles Bars, Russ Wernimont Designs, Denizen Designs, Norse Cycles
11 46 Kaiela Hobart Royal Enfield
12 27 Nean Kiskela Royal Enfield Royal Enfield, S&S Cycles, Dunlop, Maxima, Parts Unlimited, Moose Racing, Boxo, Glass from the Past, New Church Moto, Synergy Motorworks
13 15 Mia Reese Royal Enfield
14 7 Moriah Hummer Royal Enfield
15 327 Gabrielle Hughes Royal Enfield Royal Enfield, Lowery Racing, Parts Unlimited, Alpinestar, Moose Racing, Arai, S&S Cycles, Dunlop, Maxima, AGV Sports