Performance Electronics joins Richie Morris Racing

Posted on behalf of Richie Morris Racing:

Daytona Beach, Fla. (March 3, 2017) - As the clock counts down to the launch of the 2017 American Flat Track season-opener on March 16 with the first-ever running of the DAYTONA TT, Richie Morris Racing (RMR) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Performance Electronics for the 2017 American Flat Track Season.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Performance Electronics will provide support for both RMR riders, with Shayna Texter piloting the No. 52 CRF Honda 450 single and Jarod Vanderkooi competing in the No. 20 EX 650 Kawasaki twin.

Performance Electronics has developed a complete line of fully configurable, stand-alone ECUs and accessories, for virtually any internal combustion engine, for everyone from OEM manufactures to weekend racers.

RMR currently uses all of the Performance Electronics products available to any race team or car and motorcycle enthusiast.

“Much like everything else in the world these days, motorcycle racing has turned into an electronic sport,” said RMR team owner Richie Morris. “We have already been using the Performance Electronics products, so building this partnership will only help us unlock more potential so we are very excited to have Performance Electronics join the RMR team at the AFT Pro Races. Performance Electronics will provide RMR with a computer technician to assist in tuning the #52 Shayna Texter CRF Honda 450 single and the #20 Jarod Vanderkooi EX 650 Kawasaki twin.”

In addition to the new program with Performance Electronics, RMR has already established marketing partnerships with McElroy Packaging, Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda, Tucker Rocky Distributing and Roland Sands Design.

The 2017 American Flat Track season will kick off with an all-new event with the DAYTONA TT at Daytona International Speedway on March 16. The 2017 season will be the first with the new American Flat Track branding, and the new formats have already generated a lot of anticipation ahead of the new championship season.

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