Brit Oliver Brindley takes over for Brad Baker in Madrid Flat Track

Sent on behalf of Noyes Camp Racing:

MADRID, Spain (July 25, 2016) -  American Brad "the bullet" Baker took both ends of a Short Track and TT double header at Valencia, Spain, on July 9 and 10, and now seventeen-year-old Oliver Brindley comes down from Great Britain to take over the Noyes Camp KX450F that the American rode to victory three weeks ago.

He´ll meet a strong challenge from a trio of young Spanish flat trackers, Ferran Cardús, Franc Serra and Gerad Bailo, plus ex-125 roadracing world Champion Nico Terol who gave Baker a battle in the Valencia TT.

The event, a short track, will be held on a new fifth-mile oval at San Martín de la Vega, south of the Spanish capital.

American fans can look in via as of 4:00 PM East Coast (1:00 PM Pacific) on Saturday, July 30, when the first heats begin. For this event there will be live streaming video with live commentary in Spanish and occasional updates in English.

Baker, who plans to return for the final two rounds in the fall after the AMA Pro Flat Track season is finished, is leading with 50 points over Terol who has 31. Could Baker actually win the seven-round championship on the basis of only four rides? That depends on whether any of the main Spanish contenders can reach a total of over 100 points (pts system is as per MotoGP: 25, 20, 16, 13, 11, 10, 9 etc.) and whether Baker can run the table in the final two rounds in October and November.

Competition is especially fierce among local riders because AMA Pro Flat Track will fly the top-placed Spanish rider in the RFME Spanish Flat Track series over for the Daytona short track and provide a bike and support for the 2017 season opener.

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