Defy All Odds Apparel Sponsors AMA Pro SuperSport Champion James Rispoli

Lancaster, PA. (August 8, 2012) – Cory Texter Founder of Defy All Odds Apparel soon to be one of the hottest brands in the action sports market is pleased to announce the sponsorship of defending AMA Pro SuperSport Champion racer James “the Rocket” Rispoli. Rispoli, a champion flat tracker, road racer and multi Bonneville Salt Flats land speed record holder epitomizes the essence of the DAO brand making him an ideal spokesperson for the company.

“I can really relate to DAO brand” said James. “I am a professional motorcycle racer but my family has no background in motorcycles or racing. No one owns a shop, has raced professionally before or is even a mechanic. Many times growing up through the ranks I was told by others that I would never make it, that there were too many racers whose families were in the business or their dads were pro racers. But I am a perfect example of a person who with the right attitude, support and dedication can Defy All Odds and get it done! I wear a medallion around my neck with the saying “never, never, never give up,” that was given to me by my father. I live my life by that motto. I am proud to represent the DAO brand and it is even more important to me that I am supporting Cory who I know believes deep in his heart we can all Defy All Odds.”

“It’s awesome to have James on board with DAO Apparel,” stated Texter. “James is a great representative of what is possible when you focus on your goals. I know with James as an example of what the future could be DAO Apparel will continue to grow.”

About Defy All Odds

Defy All Odds Apparel is a vision from Cory Texter and inspired by Cory’s father, Randy. Randy Texter was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Cancer when he was a teenager. Through many hours of treatment along with his positive outlook, he conquered the illness. He went onto become a very successful businessman, champion professional motorcycle racer, and amazing father. He survived many top speed motorcycle crashes during his career, one of which required (8) metal plates in his face. He made a full recovery, suited back up, raced (and won) again. Suffering through heart disease in his later days, he never missed a day of work and the biggest smile on his face was when he was helping others. Although he is no longer on this Earth, his legacy is something that will never fade away. Everyone defies challenges every day and that “never give up” attitude is something that winners produce time in and time out. Here at DAO Apparel, we provide quality products, outstanding customer service, and unique threads for an affordable price. Be original, be yourself, and Defy All Odds because anything in life is possible with the proper mindset.

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