Facebook Five Questions: Team MJGR

If there was a contest for who looks like they are having the most fun at the races, it would have to be Team MJGR’s Jesse Janisch and Morgen Mischler. In many ways it’s hard not to think of the boys from Wisconsin as a duo act. So for this week’s Facebook Five (okay Facebook Six) we didn’t even try to separate ’em. Here are their answers to your questions…


Who can do a bigger Grom wheelie?

Jesse: Merg can hands down out-wheelie me. The Springfield mile has a parade lap you can pay to get into, so me and Merg did that, and he wheelied from turn four all the way to halfway through turns one and two! The last time I did a super long wheelie on my Grom, I had it going for about three quarters of a mile, and the motor locked up. But he’d still beat me.

Morgen: I’m saying myself due to the fact that my Grom won’t run too low on oil like his and lock up mid-wheelie.

Jesse, how do you keep your face so clean while racing, while Merg (Morgen) always looks like Cole Trickle when he’s done?

So…the race where Merg does the best every year is Plymouth, Wisconsin. He’ll lead the entire day, and win every race he enters, and never be behind anyone, and at the end of the day he’s a disaster, covered in dust. I, on the other hand, can be the guy who rode behind him all day, and I never have to wash my face at all! If Merg was road racing he’d have a dirt beard!

Morgen: I don’t know the answer to this. It just happens and I never take any action to fix it.

What track on the AFT schedule next year do you think gives you the best chance to suck and focus on goon riding?

Jesse: The tracks I goon ride the most will probably the tracks I ride the best at. So it’ll be more probable for me to goon ride the TTs than any of the ovals, where I probably will suck. I already know I’m gonna suck at Springfield short track, and after watching Williams Grove, there’s a good chance I’ll suck there, and also at the new New York round, which is clay, so I’ll suck there, too. I’ll goon ride at the TTs, mostly because I’ll probably do decent there.

Morgen: Looking at the schedule for this upcoming year, I’ll most likely have the most success of goon riding at at all the TT’s and all the miles. For sure over half of the rounds Mr. 69 [Sammy Halbert asked the question].


What keeps you two entertained with each other while you travel and race together? You seem to get along great

Jesse: Most people don’t realize we don’t travel together; we did just once last year, to Charlotte. He usually travels with his Dad, and I travel with my fiancé. Regardless, we haven’t been friends all that long, really. When I got back into racing, I gave Merg a pointer, and he immediately applied it. A lot of the younger kids don’t really listen when you try to help them out. But he tried what I told him. And that went a long way with me. I’ve always tried to help him out. When we’re against each other, I can’t really do that. But if I’m not riding, I try to keep an eye out for him. If there’s something I can help with, I try to help him. The best part about our program is that we’re having genuine fun. It’s not forced. That’s not us. It’s genuine for us. And it’s fun!

Morgen: Jesse enjoys being right all the time, and knowing what’s going on, and I never know anything anyway, so it’s a foolproof team!

Who will play Jesse and who will play Merg in the up and coming MJGR documentary?

Jesse: For myself, and because we look a lot alike, it’d be Owen Wilson, minus his nose! And yeah, for Merg, Ben Stiller. They are hilarious, and work well together, especially in Zoolander. So Owen Wilson for me, and Ben Stiller for Merg.

Morgen: Oh man, I hardly know any celebrities. I’d say Andy Sandburg with blonde hair for Jesse, and I’d probably say Brad Pitt for myself. People say we look alike all the time.

Has anyone been left behind on the road like the Parker/Springer road trip?

Jesse: Nothing in my own experience, but I heard a story about J.R. Schnabel's uncle leaving his wife at a gas station. She was sleeping in the trailer and when he went in to pay she got out without him knowing, and of course he jumped back in the truck and took off! This was before cel phones, so she had to call the cops from a pay phone, and the cops had to pull them over on the road to tell them the news so they could turn around and grab her.

Morgen: It’s almost happened. If I’m not punctual, Jesse is more than happy to leave me behind. I almost missed the van ride down to the Red Mile after racing the Dairyland Classic… which, the whole way there, I get ripped on because my face was still dirty and I’m always out like a light switch when it comes to staying awake on van rides, which is why I don’t drive.