IMDA presents RIDE Academy Springfield TT & Short Track

Courtesy of Ride Academy and IMDA:

(April 9, 2013) - RIDE Academy is excited to announce that with the support from IMDA (Illinois Motorcycle Dealer Association) there will be a two day RIDE Academy school on the Springfield TT and Short Track leading into the All Star, AMA Pro Flat Track, and 2013 Amateur National week of racing. "Bringing RIDE Academy to these fairgrounds with so much racing going on following our two days of training is going to be incredible, the progression of the riders throughout the week of racing is going to be amazing to see, said Ride Academy's marketing manager/ instructor Johnny Lewis.

The RIDE Academy Springfield on May 22nd/ 23rd will provide everyone the opportunity to learn on the beautifully prepared IMDA Short Track and TT that will not only be raced on by the All Star Pros but also amateur and vintage riders all week to the crown 2013 champions. "The history at this facility and race tracks is mind blowing if you think about it, from amateur national championships, crowning of Horizon Award winners to the history of professional racing on all three Springfield race tracks (ST, TT, Mile) and to be here at Springfield with RIDE ACADEMY is a dream come true and brings us one step closer to changing the world of flat track , stated RIDE Academy's founder Mike Hacker.

Starting off the week of racing will be the Springfield short track hosted by RIDE Academy with Mike Hacker, Kenny Coolbeth, and Johnny Lewis. Progressing into the Springfield TT the second day bringing the students knowledge they then can take to the week of racing ahead to have a successful Springfield experience.

RIDE Academy is passionate about the safety and future of the riders, that’s why RIDE Academy is also hosting a mile preparation class before the start of the 2013 Amateur Nationals at no charge and open to everyone. Location, date, and time will be announced leading up to the week of racing at Springfield. RIDE Academy's marketing manager Johnny Lewis will also be hanging out all week for the 2013 Amateur Nationals to provide support to all of our RIDE Academy riders.

Sign up is open for the Springfield RIDE Academy Short Track & TT, visit to sign up. For the first time RIDE Academy is offering one day sign up for either day for $300 or both days for $500. Dates May 22nd Short Track /May 23rd TT

About RIDE Academy:

RIDE Academy is determined to change the world of flat track racing. We believe we have a formula that will lead many riders to success.We are here to extend our combined knowledge to fellow riders so that they can become the best they can be in a far less amount of time that it has taken each of us.

To reach excellence you must be determined and willing to have an open mind to take advice and instruction. We instruct on the the importance of maintaining the right body position, utilizing each control on your motorcycle, and using proper techniques to ensure you will be the most successful motorcycle racer you can be.

About IMDA:

Since 1971, the Illinois Motorcycle Dealers Association has represented dealers of all brands of motorcycles and has been providing assistance to motorcycle dealers, enthusiasts and Illinois Legislators. With such a solid foundation and history of success in promoting the sport of motorcycling and the motorcycle industry in Illinois for over twenty years, The I.M.D.A. is a recognizable force in protecting and promoting the interest of all motorcycle dealers and enthusiasts in Illinois