Wyatt Maguire - Sacramento Mile Race Report

Hey guys we did it again we got the Kirkland Racing Suzuki in one more Grand National main event. All and all the weekend was good. I went down to Sacramento with my mom, dad and little sister. We met up with a couple of friends and hung out by the pool side all Friday afternoon. It was really nice to have a day to just relax with a lot of friends and family. We also went and tried to look at the track, but they wouldn't let us in for some reason.

Saturday was race day in Sacramento. I was pretty excited to ride the twin on another mile since it has been a few months since Springfield. I was excited to see what we could do now that I was more used to the bike then when I rode my first mile on it. Not going to lie I didn't do much to the bike as fat as set up goes from Elma to Sacramento. We manly just did gearing and put some new rubber all around on the bike. In practice I felt really good but for some reason I didn't feel like I was getting the jump off the corner like everyone else seemed too. I came in and saw my time and I was actually surprised to see we were sitting in sixth. I was very happy with that and we decided to try a wider wheel and add one tooth and put more weight on the back. I fell off the pace a little, but still felt good on the bike. Although we added a tooth I still felt like everyone was still pulling me a little on the exit of the turn. I felt really fast through the turns. I decided we would try and take that tooth off because the track times seemed to be faster. The tooth didn't seem to help us p we still ended up qualifying 14th over all.

For my heat race I had a second row start right off the groove. I felt like that was a very good spot to start. I had an awesome start from the second row and I found myself coming out of turn two in fifth place. I slowly found myself falling off the lead pace. For some reason I felt like my gearing was spot on but they still pulled me a little coming out of the turn, but I felt like I was catching everyone through the turns. With the gearing I had I was hitting the rev limiter a little getting into turn three. The bike felt pretty good and thought I had a solid sixth place for a direct transfer until the last five laps of the race when I fell back to seventh missing the direct transfer spot by one.

As we got ready for the semi we put the battery on the charger and I got my helmet ready for the semi. I think we ended up putting a little weight on the front from the heat to the semi. In my semi I had a front row start. When I pulled up on the front line the bike all of a suddenly died. I pushed the button to start it, but it wouldn’t turn over. It took us three pushes before we were able to start it back up. Talk about stressing out a little when the bike wouldn't start. I ended up having a good start going into turn one I was running second down the back strait away right behind Rob Pearson. I got by him down the back strait when he was hitting the rev limiter. After I got by him I tried to put my head down and just focus on getting through the turns faster than everyone else. I think I broke away from everyone for a little while until there was about five laps left when Jake Shoemaker past me getting into turn three. I got my front end swept out from under me and I almost went down. I had a good save and slowly found myself running third with two laps left. I ended up third out of the semi giving me a spot to the main. They took the top six. I was happy to be in another main event.

We had a lot of work to do before the main. We had to put a new tire on the bike and see why the Suzuki didn’t want to start back up. We ended up swapping batteries and tried to leave it on the charger as long as possible to make sure we would have not issues in the main. We filled the bike up and I got my helmet ready for 25 laps. We ended up being late to line up for the main and this put me on the fourth row because we were late. I wasn't that bummed because I started making a new plan for a start of the main. I picked the outside of line four and I figured I would get a good drive off the line getting into turn one. I had a great start I thought going into turn one, but spun up the tire a little through the turn giving me a little less of a drive down the strait away. I do not have a clue where I was running the first couple laps but the dust was nasty. It was hard to see where the good lines where at. As the race went on I started to fall further and further back. My eyes started to burn a little more as the race went on. I felt like I was just getting ate up in the main and like I was falling way back. I was happy to be in the main, but was a little disappointed that the group in front of me pulled away from me like they did. I finished 14th over all, good enough to keep me leading the points for Rookie of the year.

All in all the weekend was good. I felt good on the bike but my eyes are still burning a little. I had fun with some friends on Friday and felt good to ride the twin in California. I m looking forward to seeing how the Kirkland Racing Honda will do this coming weekend at Castle Rock. We have a new motor in the bike and has been awhile since I have thrown a leg over a single. Thank you everyone for all your help and I look forward to seeing a lot of people at another National in my home state of Washington.