Wyatt Maguire Castle Rock TT Race Report

Well now that the Castle Rock TT is all over with we have a long week ahead of us. I ll be driving home today and then up very first thing in the morning on Monday to try and make it to the race in billings that Mike Marsh will be running with Steve Nase. After that we will be off to the Grand national half mile in Rapid City South Dakota, and then off to Indianapolis Indiana for the Indy Mile. I am really excited to get some more seat time on the win in this next week along with going to one of Mikes races in Billings Montana. Well on to what all happened in Castle Rock.

I was in the second group of experts out on the track all day long and we were told that we would get two practices and two qualifiers and try and make the racing line bigger and try to create different lines on the track. I think it helped a little and made the track more race-able and not so one lined. After the first practice I was sitting 14th and we decided to add a tooth because the bike sounded very flat and wasn't really revving up like we thought it should be. This seemed to help me a little, but I was still sitting in the 14th spot so before going out for our first qualifier we decided to change the air a little to help with the bight and play with the forks a little to help the bike transition through the turn. This didn't help us much we ended going about the same speed and others had some faster laps putting us in 18th after the first qualifier. Getting ready for the last qualifier I decided to play with the back a little to try and get the bike to hook up better. Seemed like we weren’t getting the thing stood up around the turn like everyone else so I was trying to set it up where I could ride the bike through the turn on top of the tire like everyone else. This seemed to help me because we ended up 14th after that qualifier giving us 14th over all in qualifying.

I was in the second heat race of experts and had a second row start on the inside. I figured this was not a bad place to start at all in a heat. I figured I would rather be on the low side here in the first turn then the high side risking being pushed off the groove in the first turn because there was no traction up high. We ended up having an awesome start running sixth coming out of turn one in the last transfer spot to the main. We ran there almost the whole heat slowly gaining and slowly loosing on fifth place. Everyone seemed kind of even on the track and the seemed to me the most important thing was to be smooth and have a really good start. With about four laps to go Jd fell going into the right hand turn putting me into fifth place. We ran fifth for the rest of the race until the last lap when Brian ran it in on the high side of me going into turn one, but that was fine because he ended up slipping off the groove a little, then I spun on the exit of turn one giving Jd the drive on me to pass me before the jump. This put us into sixth giving us the very last transfer spot to the main event.
Getting ready for the main event we put a newer edge on the bike and we put the tire warmers on trying to keep heat in the tires giving me a consistent feel during the main. I had an awesome start in running seventh for about the first two laps or so. I really fell back fast though and I think the reason why is because I wasn't riding aggressive enough like everyone else was. I think I may have been too concerned with staying smooth. Once we got into the main event further there seemed to be passing and I was running a consistent 13th. I caught up to 12th with about five laps to go but just couldn’t get a pass in on him making me finish the night off with a 13th place one spot in front of where we qualified which I was happy with for the most part.

The weekend was good and felt good to be back on my single. It has felt like for ever since I have rode the Honda. I was happy with how we felt on it at the end of the day. I think we made improvements all day and got more comfortable on the Kirkland racing Honda with the new work done to it. Thank you everyone for all the help thus far this year!

Wyatt Maguire