Wyatt Maguire Lima Ohio Race Report #16

July 2, 2014 - Leading into Lima I was feeling good, I got on my motocross bike three times the week before Lima. I was defiantly nervous to ride the Kirkland Racing Suzuki for the first time on the cushion track. I think I did all the right preparation on the bike and for myself to be ready for the half mile but found myself just a little short of the main.

When we got to the track I finished taping a little more of the Kirkland Suzuki and putting my hand guards on. I did a couple other little things and was feeling pretty good leading into practice. I was the second group out on the track during practice and to be honest with you all I felt horrible on the bike. During practice the bike and I did not get a long at all. I felt like it was bucking me every where no matter where I rode. I found my self not being smooth at all and not even being able to push myself. Going into my first qualifier I made a lot of changes to suspension and to gearing. I made a phone call home to Steve and he helped me make a decision on what to do to the bike. I made those couple changes and then went out for qualifier number one. The bike felt better and I went a little faster, but I still didn't feel comfortable on the bike. It was really bucking me around a lot and I was having trouble putting it where I wanted to go. Leading into the last qualifier I was told to move my forks up and add weight to the front to help steer with the back of the bike and so I could put the bike where ever I wanted to. The track group was out on the track doing maintenance and looked like the track was going to be a lot smoother for our last time out on the track so I just decided to try and move my forks and to see how that would be. Those changes ended up being worse I actually think I went backwards and felt completely lost on what to do to the bike next now.

Leading into my heat race I was kind of lost on what to do to the bike. My gearing felt good but was still just lost on what to do for suspension. I made couple phone calls home and got some advice from Steve and my dad on what to do to the bike. I ended up doing what my dad said before my heat and it seemed like it helped. I still felt like I was struggling a lot in my heat. The bike was really bucking me all over the track. I really needed to do something with the back shock. I ended up finishing up seventh in my heat. I was a little bummed about the finish but was feeling a little better on the Kirkland bike.

Going into my semi we made some big changes to the bike. We put a whole other spring on the bike and played with more clickers on the front and back suspension. I moved my forks again and got my helmet ready for my semi.

In my semi I got an okay start and finally felt like I belonged out there in the expert class again. We had a three way battle going on for the last transfer spot to the main between Jake Johnson, Johnny Lewis, and me. I felt really good in my semi and it was the best I felt all day on the bike. I wish I could of started with this spring on the bike at the begging of the day. I ended up getting fourth in my semi, Jake got me right at the end of our semi. I felt really fast in the semi and felt smooth. I think we made a lot of the right changes on the bike through the day, just wish I had a little more time to get that bike all set up more for me and not for the previous rider. Kirkland Racing will have a spring on order for and we should be set for Hagerstown.

This next week I will be just getting the bike ready for the next national and getting myself ready. Try to go for a run every day this week and then some. I am really looking forward to Hagerstown and cant wait to be back on a car track. Thank you to everyone that has helped me thus far this year. Had some struggles