Round 7 Red Mile - Entry List

Red Mile - Jun 3, 2017

  • AFT Twins presented by Vance & Hines
  • The Red Mile
  • Lexington, KY
Total entries: 37
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NO. Rider(s) Bike Sponsor
1 Bryan Smith Indian Scout FTR750 Indian Motorcycle, Allstate Insurance, S&S Cycle, WPS, Hard Drive, Fly, Indian Motorcycle Oil, Dainese, Shoei Helmets
2 Kenny Coolbeth, Jr. Harley-Davidson XG750R Harley-Davidson, Vance & Hines, Gator H-D, Speed & Strength Leathers, Arai, TCX Boots, Ron Ayers, Spectro, Boughner Suspension, MBD, Pro Plates, Strikt, Wiseco, G2, EBC Brakes, Motion Pro, Vortex, Works Connection, Cometic
5 Jake Johnson Harley-Davidson XG750R Harley-Davidson, Vance & Hines, Arai Helmets, NJK Leathers, Sidi Boots
6 Brad Baker Indian Scout FTR750 Indian Motorcycle Allstate Motorcycle Insurance, WPS, Harddrive, Monster Energy, Rekluse, Dainese, AGV, TCX, Lightshoe, Dodge Bros Racing, Husky Portable, RSD, S&S Cycle
9 Jared Mees Indian Scout FTR750 Indian Motorcycle, Rogers Racing, SDI Racing, Motul, National Cycle, Bell, Monster Energy, S&S Cycle, RK Chains, Twin Power, TCX, RIP Mike Andress, Dainese, Millennium Tech, Cometic Gasket, Evans, Universal Coating, Weiss Racing, NGK, Motion Pro, Race Tech, Moto Station, Rekluse, Rod Lake, Jack Sisemore, Kellys, Pro Plate, FTL, Ezup, Dick Tibbits, Xtreme Fit, Goodridge, RSD,
10 Johnny Lewis Ducati Hypermotard Lloyd Brothers Motorsports, New Venture Attorneys, Dillard Family Racing,
12 Jay Maloney Kawasaki Ninja 650 FJR, Freddy Johnson, JMC, Avila, KMR, SF Racewear, Nexx, Vortex, Level 10, Factory Connection, Supertrapp, Vortex 100%, Saddlemen, All Phase, Spectro, K&N, Webcam, Farma Boots, Light Shoe
14 Briar Bauman Kawasaki Ninja 650 Zanotti Racing, Rod Lake Racing, Western Powersports, Drew-Massa Transportation, Spears Racing, BWR, Motion Pro, SBS, Hard Drive, Arai, Fly Racing, Spectro Oils, TCX Boots, RASE, Impact Armor, Evans, Barnett, Works Connections, PMP Sprocket, Spider Grips, Cometic Gaskets, EBC
17 Henry Wiles Kawasaki Ninja 650 Willy Built, Mad Dog Racing, DPC Racing, J&M Logging, Wilson Industries, Hi-Tech Engineering, Web Cam, Tim Trowbridge & Son Homebuilders, J&J Heronemus, Motion Pro, Bell Helmets, Lyden Oil, Bandit Industries, Bell Helmets, Schiller's Tree Service, JE Pistons, Nick Nazzisi, Wilson Lawncare, Royal Publishing, Sidi Boots, Gene and Gail Cummings, Ronald Mee
20 Jarod Vanderkooi Kawasaki Ninja 650 RMR, McElroy Packaging, Tucker Rocky, Roland Sands Design, Performance Electronics, Vortex, Galfer Brakes, Wiseco Pistons, Motion Pro, Lucas Oil, Pro Taper, Barnett Clutches, Cometic Gaskets, Evans Coolant, Billbuilt, Floyd Tapp, Arai, Team 95
23 Jeffrey Carver Jr. Kawasaki Ninja 650 Ben Evans Racing, Carver's BBQ, Mack Daddy Racing, The Moto-Scott Garage, Motion Pro, Ride Organic, Arai, Baggot Racing, PMP Sprockets, Bill Built Pipes, Len Welch, Bill Rychlik, Beviloch Racing, WKR, Pro-Plates, The Real Intellectuals, FTW Co
24 J.R. Addison Kawasaki Ninja 650 Smith Racing, J&F Construction, Moto Option, Addison Building Co, Century Helicopters, RASE, Bougner Suspension, Bell Helmets, Cometic Gaskets, K&N, WPS, Fly, Evans Coolant, Motion Pro, Goon Glass, Cycle Tech, Saddlemen, CF Carillo, Pro Plates
27 Robert Pearson Kawasaki Ninja 650 American H-D, GCR, R&R Racing, Country Saloon, Clipper Inc., Gary "O", Rig Dog, Indian Motorcycles of Wapello Co, Peoria Motorcycle Club, WKR, Grandprix, Federal Trucking, Mid Illinois Ins., Bellevue Tap, Wiseco, Shoei, Pro Plates, Lightshoe, Motion Pro, K&N, R/J Performance
29 Jake Mataya Kawasaki Ninja 650 BKR, Go-Moto, Highpoint Sales, Diesel Minnesota, Bell, Motion Pro, Gunn Design, RASE, GROIG, T.H. Signs, Some Guy, Black Diamond, Lightshoe, Heroic
32 Shawn Baer KTM LC8 950 McNews Automotive, Schaeffers Motorsports, JT Motorsports, Web Cams, Teasdale Engines
37 Bronson Bauman Harley-Davidson XG750R Harley Davidson of Staten Island, CR Motorsports, R&D Machine, Rod Lake, RKE, Hart Racing, GMA, Drew Masa, Gary "O", WO, Cusamano & Sons, Pro Places, Wiseco, DC-10, Arai Helmets, Nazzisi, Motion Pro, Team Driver, Light Shoe, Works Connection, Millennium Technology
44 Brandon Robinson Harley-Davidson XG750R Harley-Davidson, Vance & Hines, Speed & Strength, Arai, TCX, Armbruster Racing, Hannum's H-D, JRI Shocks, GoPro, Works Connection, Pro Plates, AXO, John Y Racing, West Coast Hot Shoes, Team 95, Jamis, Evans Coolant, Built, Wooden Wheels, Motion Pro
49 Chad Cose Kawasaki Ninja 650 Ritchie Reynolds Racing, Otton Racing, Rod Lake Racing, Dan Hodder, G&G Racing, Pro 1 Industries, RASE, Bell Helmets, Spectro Oils, American Supercamp, Wiseco, Motion Pro, Works Connection, WebCam, Acess Media, Evans Coolant, EBC Brakes, McGrane Racing, Saddlemen, Vortex, Sh
53 Don Taylor Yamaha FZ-07 Memphis Shades Yamaha, Babe Demay Racing, Yamalube, GYTR, Motovan
54 Mikey Rush Yamaha FZ-07 G&G Racing, Machete Energy Drink, Rod Lake Racing
55 Jake Shoemaker Kawasaki Ninja 650 Weirbach Racing, Kawasaki USA, Racing Unlimited, Durelle Racing, CP Pistons&Carrillo Rods, Web Cams, Spectro, Shorai, Montgomeryville Cycle Center, Greg A. Vietri, K&N, Barnett, Saddlemen, Works Connection, PMP Sprockets, Motion Pro, Spider Grips, Regina Chain, Cheney Engineering, G2 Ergonomics, All Balls Racing, Firecoat Custom Powderworks, Foudree's Graphics, Sunoco, Super
62 Dan Bromley Kawasaki Ninja 650 Bill Werner Racing, Kawasaki, Dyno Jet, Barnett Clutches, Wossner Pistons, Shorai, Supertrapp, Cometic, Web Cams, K&N, NGR, Motul Oil, Motion Pro, Evans Waterless Coolant, Steve Dance Auctions, DC Racing, KW Race Wear, 6D Helmets, Throttle Down Speed Co., John Parker
65 Cory Texter Kawasaki Ninja 650 CTR, Sour Punch, McElroy Packaging, Law Tigers, Don's Kawasaki, DPC Racing, Stay The Course, Durelle Racing, JBR, Spectro, Barnett, Arai, Motion Pro, Wilwood, Hammer Nutrition, NMC Cycling, Scott Bikes, DesignStar3, Pro Plates, Supertrapp, Vanson, Webcam, Wiseco, Full Spectrum, Ligh
67 Davis Fisher Kawasaki Ninja 650 Bob Lanphere Beaverton Motorcycles, Dan Wall Racing, Celorie Bros., Savage Customs, Parkinson Bros. Racing, NWI, Allied Motors, Team95, The Fox, Nicky Hayden, Schenk Racing, Walrath Racing, See See Industries, Saddlemen, Virus Clothing, Works Connection, Billbuilt, Alpine
69 Sammy Halbert Yamaha FZ-07 Estenson Logistics, TruLine, McCandless Truck Center, Sleep Wellness Center, Lucas Oil, Motion Pro, Penske, Kibblewhite, Cometic, 6D Helmets, Enerlon, Wonder CBD, Web Cam, Pro Plates, NJK Leathers, WPS, Fly Racing, EBC, Lightshoe, Mika, Savage Customs, Works Connection, BikeMaster, Access Media Lab, Royal Publishing, Saddlemen, TCX Boots, Fredericktown Yamaha, Vans Yamaha, Shimano
82 Jeremy Higgins Kawasaki Ninja 650 Higgins Racing, RLJ Racing, Millenium Technologies, Arai, Wiseco Performance, West Coast Hotshoes, Motion Pro, DJW Racing, Baer Racing Products, Evans Coolant, Spider Grips, Chad's Signs & Graphics, PMP Sprockets, Access Media Labs, Guy Ruger, Dragon, Ditzlers Custom Mea
88 Michael LaBelle Kawasaki Ninja 650 LaBelle Racing, Clares Cycle & Sport, Woody Kyle Racing, Klotz Lubricants, Spidergrips, Saddlemen, Vortex, Motion Pro, Fassdass Plates, Boughner Suspension, Trax Racing, Luczak Racing, Chris Murray
94 Ryan Wells Kawasaki Ninja 650 Briggs, Martin Trucking, Grumpy Old Men Racing, Fat Guys Racing
96 Cody Johncox Yamaha FZ-07 Sunnyside, Dick Ford, AM. Harley, Arai, Ride Academy, TXC Boots, Motion Pro, NGK, Xtream Sight, Oury Grips, DP Brakes, Dynotech, ISC Racer Tape, RLJ Engines, ABS, Casey's, Boughner Racing, Evans Coolant, Moto Gear, DTA RAcing, Wraptile Graphics
102 Gary Ketchum Kawasaki Ninja 650 Johnny Isaacs Total Performance Racers, Thurl & Kay Ketchum, Shaggy's Powersports, K&N Racing, Tim & VickieCartwright, JW Oilfield Equipment, Speedsport Leather Works
110 Andrew Luker Kawasaki Ninja 650 Sammy-O Racing, WKR, Mike Butler Racing, S&K Kelly, David Drew Transportation, My Chevrolet, Pro Plates, Saddlemen Seats, J&F Aguilar, Arai Helmets
119 Justin Jones Kawasaki Ninja 650 M&J Racing, RLJ Racing, Elder Trucking, Big A Customs, Vans Auto, Angus, Stump Racing, Web Cam Shafts, Motion Pro, Pure Attitude
123 James Monaco Kawasaki Ninja 650 Chris Baker
126 Lowell Carson Kawasaki Ninja 650 Double L. Ranch, Carson Racing, Race Tech, Weiss Racing, Sin on Tin, Lightshoe, Syed Leathers, Gable Motorsports, Bill Built
168 Ryan Varnes Kawasaki Ninja 650 Myers Motorsports, Raush Fuel Oil, Myers Trucking, Brian Willis, Ribson Excavating, Ink's Matco Tools, Myers Transport Services, Big A Customs, Spectro Oils, Arai Helmets, Motion Pro, McGrane Racing, LT Graphics, B&B Trading, Teh Service Pavilion, Evans Coolant
174 Barry Benkert Jr. Kawasaki Ninja 650 Western Hills Honda-Yamaha, Solid Training, Ellis Racing, Mike Butler, Sam Lowe, Andrew Butler, Double Dick Bandits, Kings Kustoms
280 Michael Bickerton Kawasaki Ninja 650 RRCF Racing, Crawford Brewing Equipment, S&S Cycle, DCT Precision, Mach Modified, Motion Pro, Traxxion Dynamics, Red Line Oil, Wake Brewing, Braille Battery, TCX Boots, Southard Enterprise, JPM General Construction, Royce Taylor Racing, Chops, Vortex, Ultimate Coating So