Jerry Stinchfield and Roof Systems on AFT SuperTwins for 2020: “I’m all in. Let’s go racin’!”

If you ask Roof Systems of Dallas CEO Jerry Stinchfield about the upcoming American Flat Track season and the all-new AFT SuperTwins division (which replaces the AFT Twins class for 2020), there’s no hiding the enthusiastic buzz in his voice and demeanor.

“American Flat Track twins racing has always been the pinnacle of professional dirt track competition in the world,” he told us last week as he finalized plans for a yet-unannounced major sponsor for his reworked Roof Systems of Dallas Racing team, “but this year’s AFT SuperTwins division will push things to another level – and I’m damn excited about it! It’s hard not to be, you know? During the three years I’ve been involved with AFT as a supporter and sponsor, this is the most excited I’ve been, and that’s saying something because I’ve enjoyed the hell out of these last few years!”

No one who’s spent time in the AFT paddock over the last few years could argue with that, as Stinchfield – who keeps plenty busy running his massive roofing business during the week – is seemingly ever-present at the races.

“AFT SuperTwins is going to be world-class professional flat track racing with a serious shot of pizzazz,” Stinchfield added. “The live TV broadcasts, the absolutely top-shelf and fan-friendly pit set-ups, the extra promotion and exposure to hard-core fans and general public, and of course the very best riders, dirt track motorcycles and teams on earth…I cannot wait!”

“Things are bigger and better than they’ve been in years,” he says, “but there’s certainly room for growth. The more sponsorships we can attract by putting on a bigger and better show with more fans watching, the better off everyone in the paddock will be – and that’s the key here. We have an amazingly exciting sport that a lot of the country and the world doesn’t yet know about, you know? And I really do think this year’s SuperTwins class will help us reach that bigger audience.”

Stinchfield’s 2020 AFT SuperTwins team will be a mix of energetic youth and experience. Having enlisted both Brandon Price and Dan Bromley for 2020, the Roof Systems team is already a cause for concern for competitors.

Price – 2019 Rookie of the Year in AFT Twins - ran near the front in many of this year’s Main events. He earned an impressive seven top-10 finishes – including a hard-earned runner-up to winner Briar Bauman at the Williams Grove Half-Mile.

2018 AFT Singles champion Bromley, who competed aboard AFT Twins machinery during 2016 and half of ’17, returns to twin cylinder machinery for 2020 hoping to earn his first premier class title.

“We are really excited about our two new Twins riders,” said Stinchfield. “I’ve been helping Brandon Price since I met him at Calistoga a few years back; he’s a great kid, with a big heart and an even bigger smile, and he very definitely surprised some folks this past season on a very stock Indian. Missed third by a wheel at Springfield II, so he has unfinished business there. And his second place at Williams Grove was just amazing, too.

“I’ve developed a relationship with Dan [Bromley] over the last couple of years, as well as with his mom and dad and girlfriend Connar. He’s a great rider, naturally gifted, with big-time off-road skills, and he’ll do well, especially on the TTs and short tracks where an aggressive, physical style can pay off. He’s fast and tough to pass, especially when he’s got the big, long leg hanging out there! [Laughs] He’s got Twins experience, too, and he’ll be on a great motorcycle this time around. He should be a threat at Daytona, for sure, so I’m really looking forward to the season-opener in March.

“Our entire team, SuperTwins, Production Twins and Singles, is psyched for 2020,” Stinchfield added. “We’re gonna run two big haulers, have a really impressive paddock setup, and do our best to help grow the sport. That’s been my deal from the beginning … helping riders and helping grow the sport.

“I’m fortunate that my business has done well over the past year, and rather than give it to the government, why not spend it on a passion, something you love? That’s me, one hundred percent. Business has been good, and I’m jacked up about this new SuperTwins formula.

“All the naysayers? I don’t care about ’em. It’s time for the big-time. It’s time to do this. I’m all in. Let’s go racing!”