Mid-America Speedway in Indy to Sponsor Parker Lange in AFT Production Twins Class for 2019

Posted on behalf of Mid-America Speedway and Lange Brothers Racing

Indianapolis, IN. (April 10, 2019) – Mid-America Speedway promoter and president Jim Terchila announced today that they will be sponsoring American Flat Track rider No. 57 Parker Langout of Campbellsport, WI., for the AFT Production Twins class for the 2019 season. 

Bob Berry of Berry Brothers Racing from Southern Indiana will be doing all of the wrenching on the bike and west side Indy-based Horsepower Inc. will be providing dyno time and exhaust work for the team's Kawasaki 650 Ninja-based unit.

“Bob is a long-time supporter of Mid-America Speedway and has done some wrenching for the Iowa-based Weirbach Racing team as well as Rob Pearson AFT National #27 out of Illinois and recommended Parker to ride our bike for this season,” stated Terchila. “Parker is a young and upcoming rider in the newly-developed series for AFT. He turned Pro in '16 and has ridden in the Singles Series the last couple of years and this seemed like a good pairing to put together for our new program.

“As it stands now we hope to be able to compete in the whole 11 race schedule, with the west coast races still up in the air, but still a distinct possibility should the necessary funding still come through. There is a rumor that one, final Indy Mile may happen in the early part of the season, which we would obviously also like to add to our schedule should that come to fruition. But with the first race less then two weeks away in Ft. Worth, we are concentrating on getting things rolling for Parker and the team. Parker rode the bike a few weeks back at an indoor race in Minnesota, which ended with a mid-pack finish after starting back on the penalty line, and he also rode my Honda CRF450 at an XIIR ice race in St. Louis back in January garnering a 2nd-place finish,” continued Terchila. “With those results we feel that so far it has made our decision to put him on the bike a good one for all involved.

“Bob will also be handling the team's logistics getting the bike to the races while Parker will be covering tires and fuel for each of the events we compete in. The 650 Ninja-based motor is off a fresh rebuild and horsepower currently is in the 90hp-range and the frame is a Big A Customs Linkage unit built out of Pennsylvania. Their frames have been used by Jeffrey Carver AFT #23, Cory Texter AFT #65 and Chad Cose AFT #49 in the past. Interestingly enough, I won the bike off of a $350 raffle ticket I purchased from original owner Jay Maloney AFT #12 out of New Jersey late last season and my wife Holly was the one that prodded me to purchase the ticket.” 

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