The Race Circuits

​As part of the sport’s historic formula, competitors are required to master the skills of racing on four distinct types of race circuits: Mile, Half-Mile, Short Track and TT (Tourist Trophy). 

Mile, Half-Mile and Short Track races are conducted on specially-prepared oval tracks, with either flat or banked surfaces. TT circuits have both right and left hand turns, plus a jump.


​Mile circuits are typically multi-purpose facilities located on State Fairgrounds across the United States. With speeds reaching 140mph on the long straightaways, races often turn into barn burners with packs of riders drafting to the finish line lap after lap.  


​Half-Miles have been the most common circuits on the schedule throughout the history of the sport. Many Half-Miles are purpose-built racetracks which play host to a wide variety of motorcycle and automobile dirt track racing organizations.


​Short Tracks feature quick laps and fierce battles, sometimes described as being like “a fist fight in a phone booth.” Getting a good start is vital to getting a good result on a short track.


​Unlike some international forms of TT racing, the TTs in AMA Pro Flat Track are not held on public roads. The circuits are purpose-built non-oval race courses with a jump, requiring riders to master both right- and left-hand turns and launch high into the air once per lap.