Rob Pearson

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X Games Harley-Davidson Flat Track Athlete Spotlight - Rob Pearson

Rob Pearson is a name that's been thrown around with the top AMA Pro Flat Track riders for some time. He's been a professional for over a decade, and while he's still in search of that elusive first v...

June 2, 2015

Internationals give Taree track the thumbs up

Taree Motorcycle Track underwent its most important test today with international competitors Henry Wiles, Sammy Halbert, Masatoshi Ohmari and Shayne King getting their first run on the 500m oil based...

January 16, 2014

Rob Pearson Race Report - Pomona

Santa Rosa is a cushion mile that we first went to last year. The track was pretty deep this year and it was my first outing on the Racing Unlimited Kawasaki.

October 17, 2013

Rob Pearson Race Report -July/August

We've been busy the last month racing a lot and traveling. July 27 we were in Sacramento, CA after heading west right after the Champaign, IL half mile where we finished 2nd to Sam Halbert. I rode the...

August 26, 2013

Rob Pearson/Weirbach Racing Sacramento race report

We made it to Sacramento Friday after racing in Champaign, IL Wednesday night during the fair and that was a long drive in 2 days.

August 2, 2013